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COSMIC WONDER / Yukinori Maeda

Yukinori Maeda describes himself as having three different jobs / passions / projects. The first would be Cosmic Wonder, which in his own words “I wouldn’t call either art nor fashion, is a means to pass along a new sense of values and propose another way of seeing the world  by linking together diverse modes of expressions.” From Cosmic Wonder he started Cosmic Wonder Light Source which is his sole fashion projects and then Yukinori Maeda's eponymous work, his more pure form project, where his creativity and exploration of light is more cared for and cultivated.

Distinct processes guide these three projects so he never gets bored or overwhelmed, they vary with the flow of his daily work.


When trying to explain how he approaches the art and how he translates it into spaces as well as into his own collections, he describes that it all begins with a concept: he creates a space and then thinks of ways to bring that space with him everyday. Cosmic Wonder Light Source is meant to allow people to delight in discovering a new spirit within them. Wearing the clothes is a way of bringing joy into one’s daily life. It is created to be a collection for transforming one’s everyday movements into spatial expression.

Asked about his creation process Yukinori Maeda always goes back to the concept and the source, light and space. His favorite part of the whole process is the beginning as he describes the moment when the energy is released and he feels it is infinite. 

Very organic not only in his use of textiles and in the way his pieces are made but also in his design project, leaving each project and each piece to follow its own route, growing and developing along with the artwork. No matter if it's a space, an installation or a piece of clothing, each of them has its own life and its own path to follow.


Light is everything for Yukinori, it touches and inspires absolutely everything around him. We will get into his inspiration for his own personal artwork later own, but even just when trying to describe what his biggest inspiration is when designing a collection, light is always the constant. “The concept is to wear light and, in doing it, create an environmental effect. When I say light, there are many different kinds of light: the human body: spirit and soul can also be seen as light. This kind of light is very precious and very important” Yukinori Maeda.


His personal artwork as Yukinori Maeda is the only one of the three projects that is individual from Cosmic Wonder. Light always has been and will be the primary subject and concept for study. Both in his publications, Echoes published in 2012 and Light Deposit in 2008, as well as in the installation projects in which those books are based on.


Yukinori Maeda


Installation view of LIGHT CONSTRUCTION, Center for Cosmic Wonder
Courtesy of the artist and Taka Ishii Gallery

“Please leave (your) light in the space.

This is a space where collected layers of light reverberate.

We are the souls and the light."



Yukinori Maeda


Installation view of SPACE OF YOUR FUTURE, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Courtesy of the artist and Taka Ishii Gallery


“Visitors to the Light Lodge may sense the presence of the light spirit. A vaporous inhabitor of the elements, this spirit transmits itself through the outer wavelengths, where sound bends toward light and the natural converges with the unnatural.”


Yukinori Maeda
LIGHT, 2007
Installation view of MELLOW FEVER, La Galerie des Galeries, Paris
Courtesy of the artist and Taka Ishii Gallery


“The light, reflected, its spirit contained in the stone”

“Once we had ascended its full height, the mountain turned back towards the white beach lying far below. It was at this beach the night before that we erected a wooden stand to greet the morning’s horizon. The first rays of light, skimming the surface of the sea, illuminated a path between the stand and the mountain’s crest. This is the trail that the animals have forever known. Even in the depths of night, there still remains the faintest trace of this light marking the path upwards. We placed a stone upon the stand and commenced our preparations for the eleven hour walk to the summit of the light’s path.”



Yukinori Maeda
HOUSE, 2003
Plywood, fluorescent light

In a field
I found a memory in myself
a light freed from deep within
I am the sky you are the sky
I am the bird you are the bird
I am the sun you are the sun
I am the universe you are the universe
I am the light you are the light
Eternal light



Thanks to THIS LONG CENTURY for the beautiful post on Yukinori Maeda

And to COSMIC WONDER for the pictures and references

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