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Voyager Presents EQUALS Studio & MIA Peru

We are beyond excited and honored to present our newest in-house collection: Equals Studio. We again worked alongside MIA Peru -- standing for Mothers In Action -- a family owned and operated organization that supports the well being of women and mothers, while building community in underdeveloped areas of the country. 

MIA Peru was started by a mother who felt the need to help other women and mothers, especially those who had been widowed. With the help of her son's textile and modern design knowledge, they began to teach Inca weaving techniques to over 250 women and their communities. Giving these mothers the opportunities to develop these skills and work from home provides more time and opportunities for their children and to strengthen the community around them. 

We are so proud of the beautiful pieces produced from the skillful hands of such strong women. We hope you enjoy them, too.

Revolver by Voyager POP UP: Aliya Wanek



Join us to celebrate the month long pop up with Bay Are's own Aliya Wanek at our Lower Haight location, Revolver.

All made in California, Aliya's beautiful pieces combine simplicity with vibrant beautiful colors in the softest fabrics. 

Come by the Opening Party, meet the incredible soul behind the collection and browse the beautiful exclusive pieces !

Don't miss it !





Friday October 20th

6PM - 9PM

Drinks, tunes & beautiful clothes

136 Fillmore St

San Francisco, CA
FEMAIL Pop Up at The Voyager Shop: LOS ANGELES !


Now it is Los Angeles' time for this amazing event with our friends from west coast based brand FEMAIL.

Join us for a day long event this Friday, September 8th, starting at 1pm where we will have the designers at the shop to show you the pieces, hang out and get to know them and will follow up with a night time event in which we will have the exclusive presentation of a film screening made in collaboration with LA based artist J. Blue, music by DJ Ladyfootlocker and a art performance created by Femail as their presentation of their new collection. 

Here is a sneak peak of the film that will be showcased during the event, don't miss it ! 


Fe.Mail VoYaGeR from J/BLUE on Vimeo.


FEMAIL Pop Up Party at The Voyager Shop: San Francisco !


This has been in the books for such a long time ! We are so excited to be able to host and to be a stop on their tour and present west coast based FEMAIL collection.

With a very special event in which art, clothes and performance all come to life together we invite you to join us this Saturday September 2nd in one of the most special nights we have ever planned.

Come by the Opening Party, meet the incredible souls behind FEMAIL and browse the beautiful special pieces !

Don't miss it !





Saturday September 2nd

6PM - 9PM

Drinks, tunes & beautiful clothes

365 Valencia St

San Francisco, CA
FEMAIL Tour at The Voyager Shops


To FEMAIL is to design with


Everything is a work in progress,

left open ended, 

always changing, and being





Camilla Carper and Janelle Abbott met at Parsons School of Design in 2008.

Their first encounter was in a dorm elevator. Camilla was far too nice and outgoing. Janelle was skeptical.

Later, the two formed a friendship over their shared love of adventure, childhood, and unbridled creative action. After college, both girls returned to their respective homelands on the West Coast: San Francisco and Seattle.

Their need to maintain a friendship from afar was resolved with FEMAIL: an art and fashion collaboration conducted remotely by sending work back and forth through the USPS. Each time the pair passes work from one to the next, new scraps and remnants are added, sometimes, things are taken away.

They work reactively, intuitively, and with commas, always. In this way, what is created by FEMAIL is a documentation of the duo's conversations and ultimately, their friendship.



FEMAIL’s third collection, AMPM, is about the individual’s journey through life. Some of us walk, run, or drive. Either way, we all make it from AM to PM in our own time and fashion. Often the fashions picked up along the journey linger as remnants and fragments, to reference the times that came before so that the future is ultimately built with the raw materials of our experiences past.


The theme of “road trip through life” is prevalent within FEMAIL’s AMPM collection and recent installation at Seattle’s Out Of Sight exhibition. What better way to conclude this celebration of life’s journey than through an actual road trip, where the garments of FEMAIL will take a trip down the West coast! From Seattle to Los Angeles, with Portland, Sacramento, and San Francisco along the way, FEMAIL will embark on a journey of film screenings, trunk shows, performances, and pop ups at stores and venues down the West coast. The goal is to get as many bodies as possible to grace the creations of FEMAIL, in order to spread the word about FEMAIL’s ultimate mission and message: the encouragement of self expression, the subversion of the fast fashion industry, the revolution necessary within the fashion industry, and the freedom of being FEMAIL.


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