Open Air Museum


Open Air Museum is an apparel label designed and produced in Portland, Oregon. The line brings an artful approach to quotidian wear and gives a conceptual voice to sophisticated yet easy-going apparel. Our made-to-order apparel brings form and function to focus through an emphasis on natural, sculptural silhouettes guided by ethics in sustainability and quality.    

Designer, Shea Christner, has a BFA in textiles from Savannah College of Art & Design located in Savannah, Georgia. Her training in traditional techniques and processes with fibers propelled her into a career in fashion design. With sustainability being a factor Shea could not ignore in the textile industry, conscious sourcing became the center of her design ethos throughout her studies. She focused her thesis around conscious sourcing for wearables, and since has built the OAM label around the slow fashion movement- conscious consumerism of sustainable, long-lasting, effortless fashion.