Beira is made and based in Brazil.

"The process of clothes making, or any other kind of object, perceives a power that allows us to unite and separate parts in a continuos flow. Our proposition is that the user would be able to see our clothes from inside out and the seams would guide him in the understanding of the garment’s construction structures. We called our clothes unisex, because they are truly suited for male and female body types. Recently we believe that we are moving beyond that definition in a movement of harness the versatility of our pieces. We have designed hidden passaged in the clothes empowering the user to give it different meanings. Moreover, our collections are not defined by seasons like Winter or Summer, each new design and color palette are par of the first collection continuance. The user decides. Doing so, our intention is to tell a story, with a unique language and value time in a continuum creative process. We are by definition a single collection, infinitely."