MAARI Lunar Collar / Onyx

MAARI Lunar Collar / Onyx

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An onyx statement piece that can be worn two ways—grounded or lifted.

A protection and grounding stone, black onyx absorbs negative energy, helps guide intuition, and fosters inner-strength.

Hand-smithed in our MAAARI studio with ethically-mined brass.

Please note that most MAAARI Jewelry items are made to order. Please allow 1 week of production time before your jewelry is shipped. 


Pendant: 1.75"x1.5"
Choker: 5"diameter
30mm Onyx Stone


We are proud to partner with minority/family-owned R&M Fine Jewelers in  downtown Los Angeles to produce our Lunar Collection. R&M uses sustainably sourced, recycled metals to cast our pieces. After casting, the pieces are hand-finished and set in our jewelry MAAARI studio.

Our jewelry studio in East Los Angeles is where the metal magic happens. MAAARI co-founder Jeanette Sawyer and master jeweler Misty Summers are the metal-smiths who lovingly, with intention, hand make each piece in our jewelry collection — complimenting the beauty and power in all women. Inspired by indigenous Filipino culture and contemporary art + design, Jeanette develops and produces architectural statements pieces drawing from the simple shapes found in contemporary design. Misty Summers, a highly skilled jeweler and producer, is a production master who uses refined jewelry techniques to execute high quality craftsmanship. All pieces are made with ethically-mined metal and sustainably-sourced earth stones.


Brass naturally oxidizes over time. Renew your piece's shine with lemon, baking soda, and a polishing cloth. To delay oxidation, keep your MAAARI jewelry away from moisture.

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