MAAARI Balance Incense Box / Black

MAAARI Balance Incense Box / Black

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Beautifully hand-carved marble incense box with brass incense holder. Keeps your sticks and lighter tucked away all nice and neat. 

Thoughtfully designed and executed, BALANCE is a reminder to celebrate the achievement of everyday balance and poise.

Available in white, amber and black. 


9" long x 2" wide x 2" tall 

Holds incense sticks up to 8" long.

All MAAARI marble is made by the artisans of La Roca. 

La Roca is committed bringing economic opportunities back to the Romblon province of the Philippines through the revitalization of its marble manufacturing sector. Though once a booming industry, the marble market suffered a sharp decline when the world trade market saw an influx of cheap, synthetic marble products from Europe and China in the early 1990’s.

Several years ago, La Roca founder Regina Escolin discovered dozens of de-commissioned marble factories on the island, and has since worked with her partner Giovanni to re-open small hand-carving factories in the area. Marble is a natural, non-toxic stone, is 100% recyclable, and can stand the test of weathering and time. La Roca uses responsibly mined and regulated marble, implements zero-waste policies, and provides fair wages to all its artisans.

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