Yuketen Chuck FO NK Navy - Voyager + Revolver

Yuketen Chuck FO NK Navy

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Yuketen’s Chuck Boots are entirely handcut and benchmade in Mexico onto 1950’s American semi-modified lasts for the ideal union of comfort and style.

These boots are handmade with the flesh side of full-grain leather tanned in U.S.A. Yuketen’s flesh-out leather is NOT suede because we retain the quality grain side of the leather for thickness, strength, and long-term durability.

Other fundamental components are the foundation that is constructed of a combination of 100% veg-tan leather and Vibram’s soft composition “Christy” working outsole. The entire upper leather is lined with soft-tanned cow leather for added comfort and durability.

Yuketen’s meticulous Goodyear stitches are made by a sturdy 1910 German-made welt stitcher and all Goodyear stitches are hand-notched for added security. This classic plain-toe chukka style marks a new direction for Yuketen’s design aesthetic verging toward formal elegance while simultaneously maintaining all core principles and construction techniques for highest-quality handmade products.

All standard D-Width.