VOYAGER Los Angeles presents MYM Pop Up and Natural Dye demo !



We are big fans of natural dyes and that is no secret, so when the opportunity came of working together with our neighbors from MYM to do a special event at the shop we didn't think it twice.


Designed by Michael Aguilar and Aisaid Marquez, MYM ORGANICS is a made in LA brand that focuses on nature's luminosity and textures.

Inspired by natures colors and textures, they design a genderless, ageless line of basic pieces in the softest wash you can imagine.

Not only that, but their use of natural dyes and textiles is simply outstanding, that is why we wanted to bring the opportunity to create a very special one day event! We will have a workshop at the Los Angeles Arts District space were they will be showing and demonstrating how their natural dyes work and react on different materials and textiles.

Come by, bring your own clean white piece of clothing or small textile that you want to dye and go crazy with it !





Saturday August 19th

1PM - 4PM

300 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, Arts District, CA


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