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Han Kjøbenhavn and the Classically Unpolished

2012 Danish denim design Han Kjøbenhavn Inspiration jeans menswear quality weather

Han Kjøbenhavn is a Danish clothier based in Copenhagen that produces simple, innovative and aesthetically beautiful garments that can really withstand the elements. With Copenhagen's weather being not so dissimilar to San Francisco, their designs are perfect for remaining classically stylish in the fog. Jannik of Han took the time to answer some questions about Han Kjøbenhavn's motives and mission. First off, for our non-Danish blog readers, can you please tell us how to pronounce Han Kjøbenhaven phonetically? What is the significance of the name Han Kjøbenhaven? It is pretty straight forward, you pronounce it like this: Han Kjø-ben-havn. The "ø" is only used...

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Seasonal Confusion

flora Sakura San Francisco seasons weather

It has been an incredibly unusual winter in San Francisco, mirroring reports of strange weather phenomena the world over. There's been an abundance of mild, sunny days and virtually little of the typical wind and rain. But seasonal confusion seems to be no new trend amongst San Franciscan locals. How often have you overheard someone announce how chilly it is, just to hear the next person remark how delightfully warm the weather's been? Or maybe you've spotted someone walking down the street wearing both a parka and flip flops. It's not uncommon and makes for good jokes, like our favorite...

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