Voyager Journal — San Francisco

Spatial Tendencies: Taj Robinson

art collaboration desert Inspiration local photography San Francisco Taj Robinson

In our continuing effort to highlight the incredibly talented people who contribute their energy to Revolver and Voyager, we bring you an interview with our very own Taj Robinson. Taj is a world travelling lady who landed in San Francisco by way of Texas, New York and Thailand. Having resided here a few years now, she's made hay while the sun shines, creating and collaborating upon several venues for experiencing art while making art of her own and working on a soon to be released publication. She was super gracious to provide some information on her efforts and tell us...

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The Devil's Teeth

Devil's Teeth ecology Farallon Islands Farallones fauna flora history Inspiration local Nature ocean preservation Rebecca Solnit Robert Talbot San Francisco Susan Casey sustainable

Just 30 miles outside the Golden Gate, many San Franciscans don't even realize they are there. I had never heard of them until my landlady's son made mention of them. He told us that on clear days they were visible from our house on the hill, our castle in the sky, here in the Excelsior district. But as it was August and we were in the midst of full-on foggy season, I had to wait to catch a glimpse... From the first time I spied them, they totally captured my imagination. I could easily and readily see myself living out...

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Ritualized beauty with SF's very own Nikki Garcia & First Rite

2012 design First Rite local Made in the USA Nikki Garcia San Francisco

We ladies here at Revolver and Voyager are stoked to be carrying a new line for women, San Francisco-based First Rite. Picture impeccably structured garments for women with an independent streak. This would be the go to label for Amelia Earharts and Katherine Hepburns. First Rite's owner and designer, Nikki Garcia, offered us some insight into her creative process, what makes First Rite work, and why she makes San Francisco home and HQ for her label. Read on, readers. It's not super often that I get to interview a designer based in San Francisco! How long have you lived in SF?...

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ONE NIGHT ONLY with Jack Halloway of The Garage Sale Project

art Inspiration local music photography San Francisco

There's this amazing thing that happens sometimes, especially in small cities, especially in a city as magically weird as San Francisco can be, where you stumble upon something or meet someone by chance and everything just opens up, wide open, right there. You realize how interconnected things can be, how your chance meeting in that place with that person has a greater significance, that you've known the same people, that you've drawn upon the same influences and shared the same subcultural secrets, that you and they are part of the same forever tangled web, the same karass, if you will....

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Brickhouse Metalworks

adornment Brickhouse Metalwork collaboration design glass Inspiration jewelry local Made in the USA metal music San Francisco

Revolver is super excited to carry a new line of jewelry in the shop: Brickhouse Metalworks, the creation of Sonni Brickhouse. Sonni is/was based out of Athens, Georgia, but has recently embarked on a transcontinental adventure that has brought about new inspirations, techniques and collaborations. She took the time to tell us about her work and the voyaging she's been enjoying. Stop by Revolver to check out her goods. How did you come to be interested in jewelry design/making? Are you formally trained?  I started making jewelry in Valdosta, Georgia. It's very far south in GA. I was formally trained...

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