Voyager Journal — Resolutions

Can you diverge? Flex yo'self in 2013!

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This particular video pertains to radicalizing education, but it addresses a larger societal issue. Our culture is one that has favored Conformity, at the expense of Creativity, in the name of Industrialization (read: Capitalism.) We ask you, dear readers, in what ways can you nurture Divergent Thinking, the essential capacity for Creativity, "the ability to see lots of possible answers to a question, lots of possible ways of interpreting a question, to think laterally, not just in linear, or convergent ways, to see multiple answers, not one" in your lives?  At Revolver and Voyager we hope to continue to explore...

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New Year's Rulins

2012 Inspiration Lists Resolutions Woody Guthrie

Today is the 6th, which places us firmly into the month of February and the year 2012. This is the point in the year where many of us have forgotten any inklings of New Year resolutions and resorted to old habits. If you're like me perhaps you need a reminder or some inspiration to make good on those promises we resolved on January 1st. For example: Image: The Woody Guthrie Foundation; Larger version here. Originally posted on Lists of Note.   These are the resolutions of the great folk singer Woody Guthrie, penned on the cusp of 1942, complete with...

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