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Spatial Tendencies: Taj Robinson

art collaboration desert Inspiration local photography San Francisco Taj Robinson

In our continuing effort to highlight the incredibly talented people who contribute their energy to Revolver and Voyager, we bring you an interview with our very own Taj Robinson. Taj is a world travelling lady who landed in San Francisco by way of Texas, New York and Thailand. Having resided here a few years now, she's made hay while the sun shines, creating and collaborating upon several venues for experiencing art while making art of her own and working on a soon to be released publication. She was super gracious to provide some information on her efforts and tell us...

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ONE NIGHT ONLY with Jack Halloway of The Garage Sale Project

art Inspiration local music photography San Francisco

There's this amazing thing that happens sometimes, especially in small cities, especially in a city as magically weird as San Francisco can be, where you stumble upon something or meet someone by chance and everything just opens up, wide open, right there. You realize how interconnected things can be, how your chance meeting in that place with that person has a greater significance, that you've known the same people, that you've drawn upon the same influences and shared the same subcultural secrets, that you and they are part of the same forever tangled web, the same karass, if you will....

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All Encompassing: Revolver's very own Julia Lemke

2012 desert design flora Gold Rush Inspiration Julia Lemke Nature photography San Francisco

We are incredibly lucky to have amongst us at Revolver and Voyager some supremely talented and inspiring individuals. One such person is the always lovely and hardworking Julia Lemke. Julia has recently launched her new website and both Voyager and Revolver carry her jewelry and plant wares under her imprint Auger + Ore. Swing by to check out the goods and read on to learn about what Julia does. When did you realize that design was what you wanted to do? What lead you to this discovery? I think I’ve always known I wanted to do some sort of design,...

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Constant Observer: an interview with photographer Manuel Dominguez, Jr.

Inspiration Jr. Manuel Dominguez photography

This entry has been a long time in the making, but I am happy to finally post this interview with photographer (and my dear friend) Manny Dominguez, Jr. Check out Manny's photography and read on to see what he has to say about his craft. What sparked your interest in photography initially? When did you decide to pursue photography professionally? I think I got my interest of photography from my parents. Growing up they always had a camera around, my dad and my mom both always took pictures of birthdays and trips, any kind of family get together. My mom would...

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1950 Plymouths and a life spent living: An Interview with photographer Eric Kvatek

Eric Kvatek Inspiration photography

Recently I had the honor of interviewing the supremely talented photographer Eric Kvatek for Revolver and he was ever so gracious to answer some questions about his career, motivations, and the way he goes about crafting his arresting and beautiful photos. Eric has worked for such prominent brands as Kapital, 45rpm, and Free People, amongst many more illustrious labels, while also cultivating a body of personal work that is dynamic and evidence of a life of adventure. How did you get into photography and what has been the trajectory of your career? When did you decide that you were going...

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