Voyager Journal — Made in the USA

Brickhouse Metalworks

adornment Brickhouse Metalwork collaboration design glass Inspiration jewelry local Made in the USA metal music San Francisco

Revolver is super excited to carry a new line of jewelry in the shop: Brickhouse Metalworks, the creation of Sonni Brickhouse. Sonni is/was based out of Athens, Georgia, but has recently embarked on a transcontinental adventure that has brought about new inspirations, techniques and collaborations. She took the time to tell us about her work and the voyaging she's been enjoying. Stop by Revolver to check out her goods. How did you come to be interested in jewelry design/making? Are you formally trained?  I started making jewelry in Valdosta, Georgia. It's very far south in GA. I was formally trained...

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Beauty, Simplicity, A Deep Appreciation of Nature, Elegance

2012 Black Crane Inspiration Los Angeles Made in the USA Momoko Suzuki Nature

Black Crane is a gorgeous line created by Momo Yamaguchi. Based in Los Angeles, Momo and her husband Alexander Yamaguchi (who has his own line of menswear also available at Revolver) have created a life that is reflected in their designs; beauty, simplicity, a deep appreciation for nature, and elegance reign here. Momoko took the time to answer some questions for us about her processes, influences, and inspirations.  Black Crane Spring 2012 You began your career in environmental art and architecture. How did you make the transition to clothing and jewelry design? How does your background in environmental art and architecture influence...

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Garter + Derringer: premium denim, straight outta NYC

2012 denim design Garter + Derringer Inspiration jeans Made in the USA NYC

Garter + Derringer is a premium denim company, owned and operated by brothers Alek and Amaury Esposito. Talk about sibling synergy; Amaury designs and Alek handles the business side. Based in Manhattan, Garter + Derringer is authentically a product of New York City, just like the brothers themselves. I caught up with Alek and Amaury to discover what Garter + Derringer is really about and how these brothers have built a successful line around one of the most difficult garments to make and do right: JEANS. Is it hard to work together as siblings? Have you always gotten along? Alek:...

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Made in Duluth, MN: Frost River

frost river Made in the USA waxed canvas

Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with David Hoole of Frost River, supplier of gorgeous and durable camping goods and packs. Based out of Duluth, Minnesota, the folks at Frost River make shoulder bags, canoe packs, bike bags, backpacks, briefcases, luggage, hunting and fishing cases out of tin-cloth, an extra strong waxed cotton canvas that ages beautifully. All bags are assembled by hand at Frost River headquarters which also supports a storefront. Visitors are able to take a peak at the production happening in the very same place.  How long has Frost River been around? How and when did the company start? Frost...

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