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Made In Africa: SAWA Sneakers Profile

Africa Inspiration SAWA Shoes sneakers

SAWA Shoes, beautiful sneakers, carried at Revolver, are created entirely in Africa, from design concept to fabrication.  Clean and vintage look and feel. These shoes are so much more than just a boss pair of sneakers. Medhi Slimani, co-founder of SAWA, has taken the time to answer a few questions for Revolver, and his answers have us super excited and hungry to see more from SAWA in the future.  First off, we love your "About Us" section on your website, including the video and accompanying animations. You make a very clear and definitive statement that you are not a charity or fair trade...

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1950 Plymouths and a life spent living: An Interview with photographer Eric Kvatek

Eric Kvatek Inspiration photography

Recently I had the honor of interviewing the supremely talented photographer Eric Kvatek for Revolver and he was ever so gracious to answer some questions about his career, motivations, and the way he goes about crafting his arresting and beautiful photos. Eric has worked for such prominent brands as Kapital, 45rpm, and Free People, amongst many more illustrious labels, while also cultivating a body of personal work that is dynamic and evidence of a life of adventure. How did you get into photography and what has been the trajectory of your career? When did you decide that you were going...

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New Year's Rulins

2012 Inspiration Lists Resolutions Woody Guthrie

Today is the 6th, which places us firmly into the month of February and the year 2012. This is the point in the year where many of us have forgotten any inklings of New Year resolutions and resorted to old habits. If you're like me perhaps you need a reminder or some inspiration to make good on those promises we resolved on January 1st. For example: Image: The Woody Guthrie Foundation; Larger version here. Originally posted on Lists of Note.   These are the resolutions of the great folk singer Woody Guthrie, penned on the cusp of 1942, complete with...

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