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Just in: Hobonichi Arts & Science Techo Diary

Being a staff with lots of ideas, inspirations and simple forgetfulness, we are always looking for the perfect planner and notebook to guide us through our daily lives.  Now we share with you one that is both beautiful on the outside as it is inside. Made with a craft that is like pure poetry, we bring you Hobonichi's Arts & Science Techo Diary for 2017, a collaboration between the Japanese website Hobo Nikkan Itoi (Hobonichi) and the Tokyo-based brand Arts & Science.

A traditional Japanese techo is not an ordinary planner. It is also used as a sketch book and diary to record your daily life.

Simple interior design to log your every rendezvous.

Crazy ninja quotes that will remind you of what it means to be a human being.

Handy information pages giving you tidbits on Japan and the world with beautiful illustrations. 

Japanese letters for techo are stamped on the cover to invite you to log your life.

An Interview with Sonya Park on PingMag

We just read a wonderful interview with Sonya Park, the creative director of Arts & Science and one of our favorite holiday gifts to give, the Hobonichi Techo. Read the interview from Pingmag here to learn more about her process with our favorite planner. Hobonichi Techo is only stocked at the end of the year during the holidays, so hopefully this will satisfy your cravings for it until then. 

Wonderistism Art Show
Our beautiful, talented wonderkid Taj is showing all of her new works and latest projects at our friends at Four Barrel. Swing by and check it out if you are in the Bay Area.


New Works by Taj Robinson
Four Barrel Coffee
375 Valencia St.
San Francisco
6 pm - 8 p.m
Thursday Feb 13th
Cocktails with Charles & Megan

We sat down at the Ken Ken Ramen shop this week to catch up with our buddies Charles Papillo and Megan Thomas-Melly, two of the creative ninjas behind the bar. With their art backgrounds and tight friendship, Charles and Megan have teamed up to publish their own cocktail recipe book, Ken Ken Cocktails. Full of their colorful illustrations and their creative soju and sake concoctions, we couldn't wait for them to show us first hand what kind of tasty mixes they were gonna whip up.

Some of you may recognize Megan's face and name. Not only is she the tattooed beauty and face donning all the ladies clothing on revolveronline.com, but she was once the writer and editor of this very blog!

While working in-between projects, these artists (Charles went to Parsons and Thomas-Melly went to Pratt) were looking to work together.

"I think we were always sort of talking about collaborating in some way" said Papillo.  "And then, as we were making a nightly special cocktail, we were doing these funny little drawings on the backs of menus to showcase the nightly concoction for our customers.  I guess the idea kind of spring-boarded from these doodles."

"Even though Charles' and my styles and techniques are different I think we both love color and pattern and share a similar kind of off beat humor so the collaboration felt natural, " said Thomas-Melly of working on the illustrations together. "It seems like we got crazier and crazier with each successive illustration, kind of like daring each other where we could go next."

Traditionally, soju and sake are served alone, but that didn't stop these two from coming up with delicious concoctions behind the bar.

"I think the remarkable thing about sake and soju is that they can be so clean and neat that they can pair well with a lot of different tastes," explained Thomas-Melly. "The sake and soju served at Ken Ken lend themselves to this type of play and experimentation."

"I think of it as extending one's experiential palette, added Papillo.  "It is by no means a traditional way of drinking sake or soju, but I think it's innovative in the way that it's new and refreshing to experiment with mixing concoctions.  The result is a more approachable cocktail for a wider audience.  It is a great way to convince more conventional beer or wine drinkers to experience a more exotic libation. "

Since these warm Cali nights have been feeling a little chillier towards the holidays, Charles and Megan showed us how to make one of their most popular drinks from the book, Hot Zombie. Named after the goofy ladies who love to make any halloween costume sexy, this dark plum colored mixture is soju, fruit juices and a spicy kick.

2 oz. Kumosabe Soju
2.5 oz Mango Juice
1 oz. Habanero infused lemonade
1.2 oz acai juice Ice



We also had Charles and Megan whip up something on the spot. They came up with a sexy, fruity concoction called Hot Passion.

2 oz. Apple-Cinnamon-infused Sui Jin sake
3 oz. Passion Fruit juice
1 tbsp. honey
1 oz. water


For future projects, Megan is heading back to grad school for art education and is lining up projects for next year. Charles is getting back to his studio practice as well. He recently completed a solo exhibition at 18 Reasons in SF entitled Grocery List (which also involved food) and will be collaborating with a group of artists and "trade dreams" for an installation at ATA next year. Check out their websites for updates!



Thank you Charles and Megan!



*photos by Cal Volner-Dison

West Coast Craft

We were so excited to attend the very first West Coast Craft, a meticulously curated fair showcasing the very best of the West Coast's young, innovative makers, designers and book curators.

First stop was Ali Golden and Job & Boss' booth of indigo eye candy! Expect some of Brook and Kirby's designs at our store for SS14! 

Beautiful Shibori clutch bags and a new two tone backpack we couldn't stop touching!

Hardcore craft and design books at Press Works on Paper

A very busy Nikki Garcia at the First Rite booth.

Lay your head on our favorite boobies from the ladies at Gravel and Gold.

We can't stop touching the stacks of amazing books!

Our favorite booth was Alite's creative deli shop of their awesome bags and accessories.

Thanks to Paulina Nassar from Press Works on Paper ( co-founder of WCC) and congrats to the WCC team for putting on the best craft and design fair we've seen all year. We can't wait for the next one! 

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