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Cocktails with Charles & Megan

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We sat down at the Ken Ken Ramen shop this week to catch up with our buddies Charles Papillo and Megan Thomas-Melly, two of the creative ninjas behind the bar. With their art backgrounds and tight friendship, Charles and Megan have teamed up to publish their own cocktail recipe book, Ken Ken Cocktails. Full of their colorful illustrations and their creative soju and sake concoctions, we couldn't wait for them to show us first hand what kind of tasty mixes they were gonna whip up. Some of you may recognize Megan's face and name. Not only is she the tattooed beauty...

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I've heard certain people bemoan the casual condition of people's dress in California, specifically in San Francisco, but I've found that where we may lack in formal attire, we more than make up for in our embrace of color and texture. Maybe it's the hangover of the psychedelic 60's and 70's, or the recent throwback to the neons and hyper colors of the late 80's/early 90's. Or perhaps it's simply a reflection of our epic blue skies and the lush colors found in the natural landscape and local flora, but I see much more play with palette in SF than...

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