SAN FRANCISCO POP UP : EQUALS Studio, Akari Tachibana & Sana Aloui


We are so honored to present our second IN HOUSE collection from EQUALS STUDIO, along with other amazing makers and designers from the Bay Area.

Together a new generation of artists is coming together and we feel so happy and excited to be a part of it



Equals Studio is a bicoastal collaboration that highlights minimal design with natural fabrics.

Equals is the sum of properties.

Contrary forces that compliment one another,
interconnected in our natural state.

We are the balance of minimal and complex,
primitive and modern,
garment and women.

Akari Tachibana is a Japanese artist and maker based in San Francisco.

Her take on the classic and traditional Japanese garments is focused on the use of natural materials and an exquisite skill in pattern making and sewing.

Every item is handmade in her studio in the Outer Mission.

Sana will be presenting her collection "What Makes to be an American" along with some special hand knit scarves made for the occasion.

Sana Aloui is a Bay Area artist and fashion designer creating handmade textiles in
Richmond, California. Her work is inspired by her travels around the world, living in
South East Asia and throughout Africa. Each of her collections reflect a multi-cultural sensibility and her mission to celebrate diversity, explore ethnic identity,
nationality, and cultural traditions.

For "What Makes to be an American" Sana took inspiration from her grandmother.
"My grandmother lives in the liminal space between Chinese history and American
lifestyle. This collection began as a celebration of her quirks, minute-made rice,
green jello, and trips to Chinatown. It now challenges notions of what makes an
“authentic” race, culture, and nationality, if only as a state of mind. Faded 70’s family
photos of a new life in the United States, of thrift store clothing and red, white, and
blue, peak at this illusive state of in-between. These garments are handmade
histories that cherish the idiosyncrasies that make modern American cultural and
racial identities unique.

She will also be presenting a collection or scarves that she describes this way:
"These scarves are handcrafted on vintage, manual knitting machines using fine
yarns and natural fibers. They are high quality textiles that are made to last. The
process begins with a playful exploration and collage of color, texture, and pattern.
Every row is lovingly knit and manipulated into a custom design by hand, ensuring
that each scarf created is a unique piece of art. These artisan scarves come with a
promise to assist with maintenance and repairs at any time, now or a lifetime later.

COME BY this Friday December 2nd, to the opening of our POP UP, and get the chance to meet the designers, browse the beautiful collections.


Voyager San Francisco

Friday December 2nd

6PM - 8PM

365 Valencia St, San Francisco

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