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Jason Yim is a San Francisco based designer, you can see him around all time local and favorite Benny Gold shop, always in the neighborhood always for the community, one of the voices of the San Francisco made, Mission local generation.

His simple tees, graphic but yet timeless and cool are all we want to wear. For him, for her.. Leisure simply rules. 



Marta: Hi Jason!! So excited about the pop up! I love simple tees and it is something so hard to find! I always wonder, how did this all started?

Jason: I started Leisure Rules earlier this year. I’ve always created things in the past, whether it for work, random t-shirts, photo zines, printing photos at the old Hamburger Eyes, etc. When you work in a creative industry (I’m currently an apparel designer at Benny Gold), it’s hard not to want to do your own thing. Being in this type of environment really helps get your creative juices flowing. I never put anything I made under a name or anything. But putting it all under a brand name does help create a more consistent look.

M: Absolutely! I feel we all feed of each other! That is why my favorite thing about the shop is the posibility to work and be surrounded by so many amazing creative people. Did you always knew fashion and apparel design was what you wanted to do?

J: I often wonder where I’d be or what I’d be doing if I took a different path in life but I’m happy to be where I am now, seeing my ideas come to life is what makes this all worth it. 


M: I think that's the key and the fuel to keep doing what you love, seeing things coming to life is such an important part of any creative profession, it is the motor that keeps it all going! How does it all start for you, what are the first steps when creating a new design?Do you start by a color palette, or a theme, or a textile? What is the first inspiration that set’s all in motion?

J: Designing a new collection usually starts with a theme. I easily get inspired from old signage, movies from the 80’s and 90’s, skateboarding, cycling, camping, vintage styled stuff, advertising from old magazines. I’ll compile them into a mood board then see how they can fit into a color palette and silhouette. There’s no doubt I’ll do trend research during this process, but I’ll definitely find a way to put some personal taste into it. 

M: That personal touch and having your own voice is definitely what makes the brand stand out, any brand stand out I would say! I love when you can see any collection from any year from a specific brand and you can know who it is by the glance of an eye. I look for that continuity and that cohesiveness here at the shop, and I am looking forward to see them in 10 years and see if that shows ! haha It is also the sense of a concept behind everything that you do, can you describe in a few words what your Leisure Rules is, what are the fundaments of it? And also very important what keeps you motivated to continue doing what you do? 

J: Leisure Rules is classically designed for enjoyment. I design the clothes for the customer that spends their free time doing what they love, and that's also where I get inspiration from. Historically leisure was exclusively enjoyed by the upper-class, but i’m a firm believer that Leisure is for everyone.


M: I am all about clothes being comfortable and making you happy and confident more than anything else. Life is hard enough as it is, what we wear should make our life better easier! I am always curious about why brands chose Voyager to work with, why did you chose voyager for a pop up and us for hosting and carrying your beautiful line? 

J: My friends from Pali Swim suggested doing the pop up and I’m super psyched to have my brand being represented at Voyager-- you can't beat keeping things local. I love the shop's aesthetic, and curation of the other brands that are being carried. And I really do believe that we have a common interest in keeping this type of creative drive going in San Francisco especially with all the changes we’ve seen within the last few years.

M: YES! We are all in when it comes to keeping the creativity in the city an dtry to support and be there for any cerative mind that comes along the way! And we hope to continue doing that for as long as we can! Where do you see Leisure Rules in the future? What are your long term goals with it? What would you like the future of the brand to be…

J: I’m planning on some bigger moves for Leisure Rules come spring/summer 17. Being the apparel designer at Benny Gold, I’d like to grow my line to be more cut n sew focused. It’s what I do full time, and I love being able to design something and have it come to life. I’m working on expanding the line so that each piece will last forever in your wardrobe and surpass every seasonal trend, and still look good years down the line. Being in the industry for so long you really notice how much apparel is wasted because of a hot trend that lasts only a few months. Leisure Rules aspires to to be a sustainable and fashionable brand that also ensures quality items that last forever. 

I’d also like the brand to be in well curated and respected stores like Voyager. I think it’s very important to be selective on which stores you decide to sell to because you are trusting the staff and store to present your product to customers.
But I think staffing is just as important as anything else. I want to partner with the right people to manage the little things that go behind running a brand, just so I can have more time to focus on the design and creative direction. Hopefully a affordable design studio in SF - if those still even exist! And of course it’s always fun to collaborate with other brands as well!



M: Couldn't agree more!! Sourrounding yourself with people that see things and have the same motivations as you do is key when you are doing something you love and trying to put it out in the world! We wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the amazing people we have working with us!

Thanks so much Jason for taking the time and chatting with me! Ans please ALL DON'T MISS IT! Special collaborations and tons of new stuff at Leisure Rules Pop Up for the whole month of October!

But first! come by this Friday, October 7th to meet Jason, support locals, grab a drink, dance to the tunes and shop the special collab pieces!

More info HERE

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All picture courtesy of Jason Yim

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