ART'S DISTRICT DAZE : Voyager Los Angeles

To celebrate July's Art's District Daze we got together with some of our favorite people and threw a little one day POP UP on Saturday July 15th at our Los Angeles store !

Featuring clothes, accessories and homewares we are so excited to present:




A new concept in footwear that combines comfort technology with modern, stylish, fashion-forward designs. A brand that conveys a modern and minimal—yet playful and irreverent—aesthetic. Made in USA, created by veteran NYC fashion designer, Eree Kim, with the help and expertise of longtime American comfort footwear brand and manufacturer, SAS.



After spending much of 2010 traveling through India, designer Arati Rao established Tantuvi, while reconnecting with her ancestral roots and cultivating a relationship with India's hand-loom textile traditions.

Tantuvi works with Ikat weavers in South India reinterpreting traditional patterns and weaves of the region and dhurrie weavers of North India for their flat weave rugs. By working collaboratively with their hand-loom co-operatives, they help sustain the artisans and craft to preserve their intimate traditions of hand spun, dyed, and woven cottons and silks of the Eastern Ghats and Rajasthan.  Through the co-operative women are being trained in all aspects of weaving.  Although men still dominate positions of master weaver and dyer, more women are weaving and contributing to the process.  Their hope is to provide income for women and enable future generations the chance for improved education and a stable livelihood.



Lea Thomas's deep love for the wild and weathered is evident in all she creates, from textiles woven on a home loom to hand-harvested plant medicines and, certainly, her songs. Raised in Maui and now based in Brooklyn, she is inspired by nature and tells stories that explore emotional landscapes as mirrored by the physical terrains of our environment. 



In words of Vanessa Rud, creator of Playful Ceramics : "We are all made of energy; the energy that creates worlds and connects us all. Through the practice of Reiki, I discovered that ceramics is a perfect platform for the transmission of Reiki for the healing of humanity and the earth. Not only is clay energetically grounding, it is one of the oldest and most abundant renewable resources on our planet.

 When I work, I use Reiki to transcend time and space, connecting to the planet and the sun. Through this ancient practice of healing paired with the mindful craft of ceramics, I’ve created healing ceramics; bowls, plates, cups and spirit animals.

 Each vessel is a beacon of healing on its own. All foods and drinks enjoyed from these pieces will be even more healing and even more delicious for you and everyone on this day and everyday. Spirit animals embody the strengths of their character and emit that energy, inspiring and uplifting all those who connect with it. Each piece is also a blessing amplifier. Simply write down any intention, prayer or dream and place inside or underneath to charge your intentions with the loving healing power of Reiki."




Join us and this amazing makers on:


July 15th

1pm to 5pm 

There will be tunes, drinks and the most beautiful pieces, meet the designers and learn more about their process !


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