ALITE Pop Up @ Voyager

Alite Designs is excited to announce a new pop up shop at Voyager on Valencia Street! Entitled "Play Hooky with Alite Designs," this pop up would like to remind you that every now and then, a fake cough and forged doctor's note is necessary when it comes to L-I-V-I-N. Alite Designs will curate a special selection of outdoor bags, furniture, and accessories that are crucial when taking a few self-prescribed "sick" days.

Alite will also launch a brand new Made in California line that includes a versatile, leather and canvas "Bike to the Beach" Bag and leather water bottle holder! Both of them were produced right here in SF!

COME TO OUR OPENING PARTY at Voyager on Thursday, March 14th from 6:00-9:00pm! We'll have free beer provided by ASAHI and Lynchburg Lemonade on tap, corn hole games going down outside, sunny tunes on the PA, and the Alite crew peer pressuring you to take a few slags from our "To Hell With Work" flasks before passing out in our new Mayfly outdoor chairs. I mean, it is Thursday and all...

The Alite "Play Hooky" pop up shop will be at Voyager from March 14th to May 12th.

Play Hooky with Alite Designs
Pop Up Shop Opening Party at Voyager
365 Valencia Street
Thursday, March 14th

...Bueller ...Bueller ...Bueller ...Bueller ...Bueller

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