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I've heard certain people bemoan the casual condition of people's dress in California, specifically in San Francisco, but I've found that where we may lack in formal attire, we more than make up for in our embrace of color and texture. Maybe it's the hangover of the psychedelic 60's and 70's, or the recent throwback to the neons and hyper colors of the late 80's/early 90's. Or perhaps it's simply a reflection of our epic blue skies and the lush colors found in the natural landscape and local flora, but I see much more play with palette in SF than most other places I've ever lived. My inspiration post for Revolver blog readers today revolves around cultures with rich histories of intoxicatingly colorful textiles, rich with warp, weft, and stitching that will make your eyes pop out of your head.

Guatemalan textiles piled high

Hmong tribe fabrics woven in Vietnam

Indonesian Batik pattern: 

The Grompol motif is a distinctively Yogya design customarily used for wedding ceremonies. Grompol, which means gather together symbolizes the coming together of all goods things, such as luck, happiness, children, and harmonious married life.

Ghanaian Kente Cloth

African Wax Print fabric

Pashtun embroidery from the Afghan/Pakistan border

Japanese Boro held together by many meticulous Sashiko stitches

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