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CAMO is an exciting, fashion forward brand designed in Biella, a town in the Piemonte region of Northern Italy. Locally minded, CAMO sources the finest materials from Italian producers in order to create its beautiful range. At first glance CAMO's designs may seem like strictly menswear, but the pieces are extremely comfortable and versatile, easily incorporated into unisex styling. I was very fortunate to interview CAMO's proprietor and designer, Stefano Ughetti. 

Read on to learn more about Stefano's thoughts and processes regarding his company. 

Why the name CAMO? This is a pretty loaded word - clearly you are not making military wears but we're curious as to how you see camouflage playing into your line?

CAMO is the abbreviation of “camouflage”. 

It is pronounced in the same way in all the languages of the world and it is often used to indicate a specific pattern of any product. CAMO is not just “fashion” but an idea and a reality with a specific identity so to be recognized in any element. Usually it is compared to the army camouflaged patterns, but in our case this has nothing to do with the war. The items of the CAMO collection use tissues born with specific purposes, then modified by us, so camouflaged under other meanings, telling our inspirations and our will to astonish and play remaining inside the borders and the rules given by society.

It seems that you started your career in textiles, then moved over to industrial design, before finding your way back to textiles and fashion design. Can you describe the moment when you realized that fashion design is where you needed to be?

I realized that I wanted to do this thanks to my wish to communicate my personal thoughts even if I didn't have fashion education. For this reason I started before opening a store, Superstar, founded in 2005. Now Superstar is our creative office where we work entirely concerning CAMO project.

How important is Italy in your product? Do you think you are making an Italian Product?

All CAMO products are made entirely in Italy, both the fabrics and the production.

I searched for little laboratories not only in the Biellese area but beyond it as well. They are usually family-owned businesses and specialize in a very unique product typology, this way the manufacturing is characterized on a very high level and I can develop a special way of working with them based on a useful exchange of views. The product is not dictated but, rather, is created by discussing all of the details that I propose.

All of the materials you source are made in Italy. Is this a conscious, political decision? If it wasn't to start, do you feel strongly about maintaining this model now?

Local production and fabrics are very important for me cause it's decisive for quality work.

I am thinking of my company/brand like a restaurant: I would order best local product and I would farm my kitchen garden, but, if in my country there is not ananas (pineapple), NO ananas in my menu, then.

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