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We are incredibly lucky to have amongst us at Revolver and Voyager some supremely talented and inspiring individuals. One such person is the always lovely and hardworking Julia Lemke. Julia has recently launched her new website and both Voyager and Revolver carry her jewelry and plant wares under her imprint Auger + Ore. Swing by to check out the goods and read on to learn about what Julia does.

When did you realize that design was what you wanted to do? What lead you to this discovery?
I think I’ve always known I wanted to do some sort of design, and it became clear to me in high school that graphic design was probably the best route for me. My parents are both artists (an industrial designer and a glass artist), so growing up I had a lot of exposure to all different forms of art, and I think that sort of instilled in me the desire to absorb everything I possibly could.

What influences your design?
I’m extremely influenced by nature. I grew up in the mountains and by the ocean, and I’ve always had a deep connection with and respect for the environment. Auger + Ore in particular is inspired by the desert. I’m in love with the starkness of the landscape, the rich colors and textures, as well as the nostalgia of the gold rush era. I’m also inspired by simplicity, and hand craftsmanship. There’s somethings so romantic about working with your hands. It’s incredibly rewarding, and becoming increasingly rare in our society. 

What inspirations did you draw upon for your new website?
Auger + Ore is all about minimalism, and an appreciation of natural form.  A lot of the objects are made from salvaged material, contrasting texture, weight, and color. It represents the lifestyle that I strive for: an appreciation of simple pleasures. I wanted the website to reflect that organic quality with warmth, delicacy, and softness.

Do you have any design heroes?
About a million. Many of my heroes aren’t designers per se, but there are several graphic designers who have influenced me heavily. I’d say Jennifer Sterling is my biggest design crush, her attention to detail is phenomenal. I’m also incredibly inspired by Nicholas Felton, and his obsessive collections of data. 

You’re a multi talented lady and your design carries over into many projects including jewelry design, creating planters and other gardening vessels, harvesting and creating the packaging for your own honey (!), not to mention, making gorgeous photographs, etc. Can you elaborate on these projects for our readers? Do you see these projects as being mutually exclusive or is it a total cohesive effort that falls under Julia Lemke’s Design Masterplan™?

To me, design is all encompassing. It’s like this addiction, that seeps into every corner of your life. Graphic design translates to my fashion, interior design, product design, down to the minute details. Really what it is is just a love for everything aesthetic.

Any new projects on the horizon you'd like to tell us about?
I’ve been playing with the idea of hand-painting textiles, and that’s something I would love to explore more fully. Batik is such a beautiful art, (and I would love to use my own bees wax!)

What kinds of commercial/professional design work have you done? Does doing more commercial work interest you at this point in your education/career?
I’ve done a lot of freelance work for local clients, and also some larger ones like Pasta Pomodoro. At this point, I would like to find a solid internship while I’m still in school. I would love to work for someone like Eight Hour Day, Eleven Inc., Mucca, or The Official Manufacturing Co.

Who are your dream clients/what are your dream projects?
I don’t have any dream clients yet, but I really enjoy freelancing for small companies or start-ups, and especially love packaging. The great thing about graphic design is that there is so much variety in the work. Every project has new criteria and challenges, and you get to meet incredible people along the way. Ideally, I want to start my own firm someday, but that’s a long ways off. For now, I love working on little projects and learning new skills and I love collaborating with other creative and passionate people.

(All photographs and designs here within are copyright of Julia Lemke- all images copyright ©2012 Julia Lemke / All Rights Reserved)

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