Prospecting & Gold in the Hills

Gold Rush San Francisco

Universal in its appeal, revered for its illustrious beauty, held in highest regards of its value, so much so that it's created a standard: GOLD. All of us want it and many have died for it. Did you know that the gold rush is in many ways responsible for establishing California and the city of San Francisco? Of course, we may have learned this in grade school History lessons, but today I felt the need to brush up on the lore of gold in our distant past. According to its wikipedia entry, the population of San Francisco grew from around 200 residents to roughly 36,000 in six short years as a result of gold mining prospectors and the business needed to support this boomtown industry. 

In the spirit of '49, I feel it appropriate to share some images of the rough and tumble miners juxtaposed with some more contemporary images of gold's seduction:

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