Seasonal Confusion

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It has been an incredibly unusual winter in San Francisco, mirroring reports of strange weather phenomena the world over. There's been an abundance of mild, sunny days and virtually little of the typical wind and rain. But seasonal confusion seems to be no new trend amongst San Franciscan locals. How often have you overheard someone announce how chilly it is, just to hear the next person remark how delightfully warm the weather's been? Or maybe you've spotted someone walking down the street wearing both a parka and flip flops. It's not uncommon and makes for good jokes, like our favorite line in the Coffee Wars video: "Many of us have been forced to purchase... socks."

Most alarmingly, the peculiar winter weather seems to have had the greatest effect on the flora of our fair city, especially the many cherry trees that provide shade, carbon sequestration, and beauty.


Take, for example, this photograph of cherry blossoms snapped this past Sunday in Bernal Heights!

Or this photo of cherry trees in full bloom along 4th Street in SoMA:

The tiny burst of color these blossoms yield offers us levity and a moment to reflect upon the beauty of their place in our landscape as we wait out the equinox and the added hours of daylight. Although it doesn't normally happen until April, it seems appropriate that we might throw an impromptu Sakura party. What better reason to drink sake under a cherry tree and appreciate mono no aware, the ephemeral nature of life and the temporal beauty of the blossoms.

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  • chris on

    Beautiful images and thoughts, an unexpected uplift in the fashion pages. Thanks!

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