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Today is the 6th, which places us firmly into the month of February and the year 2012. This is the point in the year where many of us have forgotten any inklings of New Year resolutions and resorted to old habits. If you're like me perhaps you need a reminder or some inspiration to make good on those promises we resolved on January 1st. For example:

Image: The Woody Guthrie Foundation; Larger version here. Originally posted on Lists of Note.


These are the resolutions of the great folk singer Woody Guthrie, penned on the cusp of 1942, complete with illustrations. A solid first step to accomplishing any goal is to write it down, making it concrete as opposed to letting it hang in the ether of our minds. All resolutions are important and take effort, be them simple or weighty. In the instance of Woody's list, I might have ranked HELP WIN WAR- BEAT FASCISM (27) a higher priority than WASH TEETH IF ANY (3), but they say the personal is political. The second best step to following through with resolutions is to make a plan. Break up a big goal into smaller, more easily accomplished steps. And it's essential that we don't become discouraged when our resolutions aren't met as quickly as we'd hoped. Like Woody resolved for 1942, we have to WAKE UP AND FIGHT (33) for what we want and what we love each and every day. 


We here at Revolver resolve to continue providing you with beautiful, quality items and articles of inspiration for the year 2012 and beyond.

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