Voyager: Off the Grid with Todd Bogatay

Updates from our resident Voyager Taj on her journey across the US in search of alternative living creative spaces.

"On our journey we had the great pleasure to meet Todd Bogatay. Currently one of the most inspiring persons I know. He has created a wonderful land that is completely off the grid, has wireless internet on the entire property, and currently houses seven adults (with room for more). Each structure collects its own water, provides its own solar power, most have fireplaces in every room, wonderfully designed compost systems, and so much more. 

In his words, the soul of architecture is synthesis: Bring together Philosophy, Art, Materials, Needs, Space, Time, and Environment/Ecology, so that the Whole is beautiful and greater than the Sum of the Parts. Providing Architectural Design Services and an Ecommunity, consisting of 90 acres of national park quality living space on a mountain with great views and clean air. The remainder of the land is dedicated to a conservation easement; preserving its natural beauty and reducing taxes. 

More on the trip @!community

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