Voyager: Bail Bonds, Water Collections, A-Z

The wonderful Revolver member and Voyager Taj Robinson is on the road collecting interviews, photography and more for on her new book about collective art and living spaces. 

She's going to be sharing her adventures with us.

Here are some notes from her first stop in Joshua Tree.

On the Road: Bail Bonds, Water Collections, Deserts

We just made it to Phoenix, after being in Joshua Tree for the last three days and LA for two.

We have been taking quite a lot of pictures, but I am having a bit of a hard time deciding what would be good for revolver.
Here are a few that I think would be good.

Behind the Bail Bonds- 
The ten acre, boulder strewn, parcel behind the Bail Bonds is the one corner of A-Z West that is open to the public. Sited up in the rocks is untitled by Sarah Vanderlip (two aluminum truck heads welded together) and below are signs by Julia Scher.

Directions: From 29 Palms Hwy and Park Dr drive east one mile to the big yellow Bail Bonds sign. Turn right onto Neptune. Drive up Neptune. Road will veer left. Follow the road along the power lines and look for a parking spot right before the turnaround area.

Water Collection Installation

Located on the same plot as Behind the Bail Bonds is this unique water collection system, near by are bottles filled from the sculpture for those who have made it up the hill. 

Both of these installations are located on the land of A-Z West ( Super cool alternative living space and residency program, as well as gallery and test site for land art. It is a part of another cool organization here called the High Desert Test Sites (

A-Z West in organized by Andrea Zittel. Part of the project are these Wagon Stations (914, 918) which act as temporary off the grid housing for other artist who are in the area. I strongly in courage everyone to look through the projects section of Andrea's website to see all of her inspiring projects she is working on inside her Institute of Investigative Living.

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