Voyager Los Angeles Artist Showcase

Voyager Los Angeles location has been open for two months now, and we are busy planning ways to interact with our community and open our space for people who we share a vibe with, to share what they are into, with the people that come through our doors. 

Our first evening hangout will be taking place this Saturday Oct. 3rd. We'll be extending our hours and offering some cold drinks, art from some of our LA friends, and vinyl spun by our fellow Bay to LA friend Jihaari, aka @djddadjeans.

Here's a sneak peak at some photos taken by Kristin Linney. Kristin is one of our first artists participating in what will be an ongoing rotation of artists showing on a monthly basis in the shop. 

Kristin has been nice enough to share with us a bit about why she takes photos on film.

started taking photos when I was in fourth grade.

My uncle gave me a 35mm Olympus Infinity with some lense attachments and I started taking a lot of photos of my pets and self portraits. 

I still have the camera and it still makes great photos.  I grew up with film; I remember having disposable camera scavenger hunts at my birthday parties.

I think that the reason I take photos now is because I am a nostalgic person. 

The act of taking a photo is itself a nostalgic action for me, and it's a way to capture a moment that I want to hold onto and share with others.

  It also allows me to see things the way that I want to see them, to choose the things that I want to remember and to save them that way.  It's my side of the story.

  I live in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

See more of Kristin's work, and the work of some other LA friends in the shop, starting October 3rd.

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