Photographer Profile: Kristyn Stroble


Kristyn Stroble's photographic work is part of the Revolver Installation/ Pop Up HeartBreak Shoppe 

We took a few minutes to sit with her and discuss her work!

Could you start with a brief thematic introduction to your work?

I shoot mostly portraits.  I feel like almost every shot i take is a portrait.  A composed photograph of my wife looking directly into my lens, an out-of-focus self-portrait, an image of a letter I wrote, a double exposure of a broken window and a silhouette, an old truck that hasn't run in twenty years, the books and the turquoise typewriter on the bookshelf at the top of our stairs- they're all portraits to me.  They're all looking back at me in a way when i photograph them.  

When did you first discover an interest in photography?

I took a black and white photography class in high school and loved it.  I liked that it was a class that i could be creative and social in, that I was supposed to be both of those things.  I liked that i got a camera of my own.  I liked that this was art i could do. 

What is the starting point in thinking about your compositions? Would you give a brief walk through your work flow?

 love projects.  Most of the photography work that i do is in the form of projects.  the whose ex are you project concept came out of a brainstorming session about the heartbreak shop show and ended up being so fun and so me that it isn't over now that the show is up.  i love text and typography and trying to incorporate text into my images as often as possible, and that worked with the whose ex are you project, so that was great.  The our third year project is part of a larger project on marriage.  


Do you cross into other creative pursuits – say video, painting etc?

I have shot a little bit of film footage- I shot some super 8 footage for a book trailer that we did for my wife's young adult novel, which was super fun.  I don't own a digital camera right now.  I own a bunch of cameras- all film though.  Toy cameras, a Mamiya, old Nikons, but no digital.   Digital cameras that shoot HD movies- that sounds fun.  Perhaps that will be the draw for me.

Finally, what does the future hold for you and your work? 

More projects!  The projects that I am working now have me shooting every day, and the our third year project continues through mid-october.  I have a project idea that will force me to expand photography as I know it now and will incorporate some of the other "-ographies" that I love: typography, lomography, biography, & cartography.  Hopefully it will also include ampersands, starlings, the postal service, & haiku.  Also things I kind of love.


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  • Deborah Hovey-LaCour on

    Interesting article. I love this woman’s work!

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