Machines can Draw!

We've written about Tristan Perich before - hes the wonderful musician/artist who plays with technology in fun ways.

In Machine Drawings - he explores the interaction of randomness, order and composition to create beautiful unique drawings. 

Tristan shares:

My art and my music are about simple forms and the intersection of randomness, order and composition. TheMachine Drawings—pen on paper or wall drawings executed by a machine that I designed and built—use randomness and order as raw materials within a composition. I am inspired by physics and math, so the machine drawings are a combination of the delicacy of real drawings and the rigid, structured system of mechanics and code.

The system allows me to explore the limits of traditional drawing. The machine creates pen drawings that have a mechanical precision. It can run indefinitely, usually creating works that would take multiple days of non-stop drawing by hand to complete. At the same time, the system itself is delicate. The final drawings have a nervousness of the pen that a computer simulation alone cannot emulate. It is this balance between the code and the pen that excites me most, for the drawings couldn't be made without the code, and the code couldn't create the drawings on its own.

Interesting work. More on Tristan Perich

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