100 Things in My Room

Masato Ban is a Tokyo based illustrator and recently published a small illustration books of 100 things she could see in her room accompanied by small comments on the items.

Sort of like Thomas Farber's "Brief Nudity" in which an author shares a personal space, milestones of life through telling of history related to objects, Masato Ban's drawings are personal and private. 

For example under a cheerful looping drawing of a beret she shares:

“I think the beret suits me, but my friend told me, it’s not cool anymore for artists, to wear a beret. It’s a cliché. Well, I know that. So, a lot of people, film artists, intellectuals, bohemians and beatniks of any nationality, who share the spirit of independence, might like a beret. Does that apply to me as well?”

Beautiful in pink. Published by Utrect Tokyo. Very special.

 Available at Revolver

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