Playing: Cazumbi - African 60s Garage

Highly Recommended: Cazumbi - African 60s Garage

60s Rock from Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Madagascar and more!

Fuzzy, r&b fueled, raw and rocking garage numbers from late 60s Africa – with Nuggets style jams, surf rock styled numbers, psyche gems, and pulpy soul from Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Madagascar and more! 

On top of being an excellent example of how diverse the musical landscape of Africa is, and how far the raw rock revolution expanded at the time to all points on the globe, it's straight up excellent material! 

Features tunes by The Gonks, Os Impacto, Les Safari, The Hobos, Os Impacto and many more, some even sung in English, but it's all about the raw rockin' vibe, language aside. like they could just as easily come from Annapolis as Angola, it's firey greatness all the way! 

Very rare vinyl - limited to 700 copies. 


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