Whale Watch - Work by Carrie Hott

Awesome new exploratory work by Carrie Hott @ Adobe Books SF.

Understanding A Whale Fall/Whale Watch is a store wide exhibition at Adobe Books by Carrie Hott that represents a process of inquiry, primarily into whales, with occasional tangents taken to related topics and site specific investigations. Through the representation of research and its methods, Hott makes visible the action searching and being guided by curiosity in order to orient and understand. In the back room, Understanding A Whale Fallrepresents an interior space that is the site for a personal ongoing investigation into whales and their history. Whale Watch, in the windows of the Adobe Books Parlor, is a two-part installation and participatory project that broadens the scope of the Backroom investigation and brings an additional focus onto the surrounding city and its history. The storewide exhibition nods to the communal atmosphere of Adobe Books, which draws inquisition and reflection in various forms, by visualizing the process of searching and inviting visitor contributions in the form of log recordings throughout the store.

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