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The Riviera Club label was conceived by Joe Sadler, Derek Buse and Greg Ullery on a golf course. The Riviera Club Fall Winter 2010 Collection is inspired by "Men's Outing Clubs" of the 50's and 60's, specifically a club called the "Dry Ski Club" of Dartmouth. This club trained for the ski season before the snow fell.

Riviera Club is the perfect blend of Surf and Snow. 

Revolver sat with Derek, Greg, and Joe to talk about the brand, the fabrication and the soul of the line.

Q: What's the deal with Riviera club? What's the history, who's it designed for, and what ideas have progressed with the line?

A:  RC was inspired by the golden age of California.  Its designed for any guy who likes classic looks and premium fabrics.  Stories help progress the line.  Each season we choose a new story to tell which helps us unify the collections.

Q: The line seems very inspired by nature - woods, the ocean, etc. What do you love about these elements & how do you feel these natural aesthetic is incorporated into the line?

A: The three of us working on the collection spend free time outside.  Usually we can either be found in the water or on the golf course.  This has a lot to do with the aesthetic of the clothing.

Q: Your site is packed with photos - from telling the story of your collection to your blog - what importance do you find in photography?

A:  Isn’t there a saying: “A picture is worth a 1000 words.”?  Sometimes less is more and things are better left unsaid.  We like a photo blog as a way of telling a story.

Q: Denim, knit, flannel, furr - how do you choose which materials & textures to include in the collection?

A:  Fabrics are added to the collection when they help tell the story and they have an amazing hand.  These are the two requirements.  

Q: You manufacture your pieces in the US - can you elaborate on your opinion of the importance of US made apparel and/or goods in general?

A:  We are learning a lot about manufacturing as none of us have too much experience in the field.  We like supporting local contractors in Los Angeles.  Its important to keep things in the US as much as possible.


Riviera Club is available exclusively at Revolver in San Francisco.

Enjoy the ocean and the mountains.

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