ScuttleFish @ Revolver - A pop-up gallery and store in homage to the ocean


The Scuttlefish at Revolver: A pop-up gallery and store in homage to the ocean

*Coming Soon: Our Guide To Oceanic Living in San Francisco*

A Gallery and store in homage to the Sea

Hello! I’m pleased to announce that The Scuttlefish will be teaming up with our friends at Revolver, a boutique in San Francisco, to do a pop-up shop/gallery in the Lower Haight. We’ll have unique clothing, beach gear, books, art and nautical and oceanic flotsam for you to admire and purchase, with proceeds being sent to Save the Waves.

The point? To remind everyone in San Francisco that there’s an ocean to enjoy right on the other side of town. If you’re in San Francisco, please stop by. If not, stay tuned. We’ll be putting a lot of this content and these crafts online.

October 16 to November 27, 2010
Open daily 12-8pm
Revolver SF


We will be throwing a few get togethers.

  • 10/21, 7pm: Reading and book signing by Jaimal Yogis, author of Saltwater Buddha
  • 10/28, 7pm: HMS Friday: History teacher and The Scuttlefish columnist Mark Lukach will tell us some tall tales.
  • Screening of surf documentary Rio Breaks, with Director Justin Mitchell. Date to be determined!
  • Tall tales of antique hunting from Ken Brown of Frank’s Fisherman. Date to be determined!

What Will Be There?

Some of the artists and brands represented at the store include:

Enjoy Handplanes: Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow, of Leucadia California, will be presenting exclusive handplane designs–scaled-down handheld surfboards–that almost anyone can use to ride waves.

Jay Nelson: Original drawings of magical surf vehicles, by ocean beach artist/sculptor.

Anzfer Farms: A special Scuttlefish collection of hand-crafted lamps, vases and furniture made from drift and reclaimed wood by Joseph Ferriso and Jonathan Anzalone.

Ty Williams: Paintings focused on the aquatic lifestyle.

Sea People: Classic English belly boards by Matt and Talla Tozer.

Danny Hess: Local wooden surfboard craftsman’s new reclaimed wood handplanes.

Frank’s Fisherman: Nautical antiques from the 57 year old establishment.

Ryan Tatar: Beautiful vintage inspired photographs of surf and ocean tribes.

Rogue’s Gallery: Maine based men’s wear.

Raissa Bump: Knitwear and an exclusive jewelry line by local designer Raissa Bump.

Shwood: Oregon based wooden sunglass maker.

Denham the Jeanmaker: Dutch based denim line with new pieces from their “DOCKS” collection.

Saint James: Pieces from the 121-year old Normandy designer of sea-worthy clothing.

Monkey Fist: Prints by Maine-based artist and The Scuttlefish writer.

Jellyfish Art: Tanks specially designed by marine biologist Alex Andon to hold live jellyfish.

What Else? And What if You Don’t Live in San Francisco?

There’ll be more. And again, sometime soon, we’ll be putting a lot of this stuff online.

Know of an artist or brand that might fit in?

Let me know! blam at

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