Ben Peterson’s “Nebraska,” which was on view at San Francisco’s Ratio 3 gallery from January 17 to February 28, featured a series of architectural ceramic sculptures by the Oakland-based artist, painted in different, natural hues to erase traces of their clay past and to resemble something more like weathered and patinated concrete.

Modernist brutal forms the sculptures were installed beautiful bright spring inspired plinths.

The sculptures themselves were a departure for Peterson, whose previous work was two-dimensional in nature.

The exhibition takes its name “from the midwestern state that saw the construction of some of the earliest cast concrete structures… [But] while drawing influence from the origins of modernist architecture and the design of functional objects, Peterson’s sculptures are ultimately constructed according to intuition. Not modeled strictly after existing buildings or objects, the works comprising Nebraska oscillate between identities as architectural models, functional objects, and primitive totems.”

Finding joy in these little pieces we couldn't help but find how they match the new spring arrivals coming into the store. Architectural forms with subtle details.

We invite you to explore the great work of Ben Peterson


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