Daily Inspiration: Snow


Sensing Nature: tokujin yoshioka, takashi kuribayashi, taro shinoda 
@ mori art museum, roppongi hills, tokyo
July 24th to November 7th, 2010

'sensing nature', an exhibition which rethinks the japanese perception of nature, 
has just opened at the mori art museum, tokyo with interpretations of the subject made by 
takashi kuribayashitaro shinoda and tokujin yoshioka. the three japanese artists / designers 
give abstract or symbolic expression to immaterial or amorphous concepts as well as natural 
phenomenon such as snow, water, wind, light, stars, mountains, waterfalls and forests. 
their ideas of nature suggest that it is not something that is to be contrasted with the human world, 
but that it is something that incorporates all life-forms, including human beings. the exhibition 
consists of newly commissioned works by each of the three artists, each attempting to stimulate 
our sense of nature through large-scale installations.


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