In the Wild: Bailey's & Beckel Canvas


Meet Alexandra. She popped in this morning to grab a Bailey's hat and Beckel canvas backpack prior to grocery shopping. Just look at her...we love it.

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  • Alexandra Jones on

    That is a sweet pic! My laptop bag looks like a skirt though, and the striped throw I got at the Handiworks Market in Tallinn Estonia looks like a parachute! (I just got back from a round-the-world trip and am also wearing a necklace from Helsinki, a watch from Moscow, and a brand new tattoo from Vilnius, Lithuania!) And of course, hat and backpack from Revolver. The pack is huge and holds a supermarket paper bag. Could double as a papoose! (The crazy sunglasses are from Multi Kulti on Valencia St.) “Shoes are the excalamation point at the end of the fashion statement,” and those I got on Ebay. And that’s the story of my outfit. The end.

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