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Ty Williams, surfer, painters, seaman, explorer, all round fun guy sits down with Revolver and chats about art, the sea, Japan, Yacht Club and more!

Today I Feel:
Fairly ok, I went to the movies and had a great grilled veggie burrito, nothing too extreme.

Q: Maine, Costa Rica, Florida, Japan, NYC - the world, where are you now and why?
Today i am in maine, I will be here until the fall i imagine but i am open to a lot right now as far as where I will be living.
Being single i would like to travel this fall after i finish up a couple shows im doing, Also I would like to get a new apartment somewhere, someplace that i could really make my own. I have been couch hopping and moving so much i look forward to having a bookshelf and my own counter top somewhere. I just don't know 100% where that will be yet.

Q: Whats your favorite place in the world?
i think my favorite place in the world is someplace on the ocean, I'm not sure as to where but it could be a mix of florida and nyc, and new england. I haven't been there yet, but I'm planning on it.

Q: Three Wishes - what are they?
i would love to wish for the oil spill to come to an end. 
i would wish for some more inner peace with myself also as i tend to get anxious and wound up about lame issues.
i would wish for health for my family.

Q: Surfing, Artist, Painter, Designer - what do you define your self as?
I think i would call myself a fan of art, or an enthusiast of art. I don't think that anything that i have ever made is really art by definition so in a sense i would have to say that I'm really just an eager enthusiast of making things to share with people. I personally think a designer or painter would be working more than i currently am, so in that regard i avoid those labels as well.
I'm really just Ty Williams, and that's a full time job in itself.

Q: What do you think its about surfing and ocean that lends so much to your other pursuits?
The ocean is solid representation of my life, i take inspiration from it, play with my friends in it, and spend a lot of time thinking about it so its only natural that my interests would end up stemming from activities and culture that is sea based. I wish i was in the ocean more than i am, so that plays out in my activities. I remember being in junior high just drawing sharks, over and over again. I drew sharks on everything. Now that im older not much has changed really except i think i might draw a little worse now.

Q: If you feel a creative block, what do you do to jumpstart inspiration?
i really enjoy picking some music out and cranking it up really loud,
lately i have been on a dancehall reggae kick. Music tends to get me in a mood to make stuff. In addition to music i also tend to want to make stuff after im stressed, drawing or making things is a massive release of demons for me.

Q: Do you usually work along, with others?  
i work close with a couple people my printer and a few guys that are designers and photographers but when it comes to my work on my own, i tend to dislike working with another set of hands. I am pretty set in my own head, and I'm sure many creative people are. I suppose it's only a select few I would work with out there as i don't do well with input sometimes.

Q; Yacht Club - whats the source and vision for the line?
yacht club came about because i had been asked over and over again to make tee shirts. I think tee shirts are kindof a funny thing since i dont really wear many, I'm more of a dress shirt wearer everyday, so the thought of putting images on peoples bodies makes me smile a bit. Yacht Club is something i want to make limited, i would like it to be something where i add to it occasionally when i can afford it, It's merely a side project for me and if it gets too weird for me I'll just stop doing it.
So far however, the response has been great, and I am adding some new ones soon. I also like the fact that my best friend does all my printing so i get to have some real input in that process.

Q: When do you get ideas for your work? Do you carry around pen and paper for when an idea hits?
I really should carry around a pen and paper, it would be helpful, but im not that organized.
most of my ideas come from things that happen to me, things ive said or heard, things i see.
there is not much of a rhyme or reason to my work, which is why i love making it so much. Making things for me is really just a mindless release, i get an idea make it and then move on, its never about dwelling on a idea for long or planning, i think that would stress me out.
My goals now are to make more large scale stuff, and i have some ideas as to where i want to hang them, I would really like to do some public  art but haven't been approached by the right people yet.
thanks Revolver- I enjoy your store.

Revolver carries Yacht Club Tees.

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