Here at Revolver, everything is a family affair. We are so blessed to say that a lot of our favorite music, food and fashion is an extended part of our friends and the Revolver family here in the Bay Area.

Some of the best streamlined, versatile style comes from the Harputs, who in many ways is a huge part of us. Their sculptural looks and modern style is a perfect window into our growing community, the growing family of Bay Area creatives.

We are so proud to be able to showcase Bay Area talent like them and this connectedness that links us all together in a close knit group of friendship, creativity and love.

Here, Harputs puts together the talents of the people we love so much. Our friend MJ Bernier shot this ultra-sexy video, outfitted all in Harputs, featuring the unreleased track by our homie, techno producer Ghosts on Tape. Check it out!

Shop Harputs here.

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