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  • In the wild: Khaki Trench from Revolver
In the wild: Khaki Trench from Revolver


We're starting a new little section on the blog called "In the Wild". 

Send us your pictures, adventures, wears and items from Revolver and tell us how they do in the wild! We look for items of quality, soul and detail - show us how they show do in your daily life! We love to see and share!

Starting off the "In the Wild" series - above is a picture of Dan of Denmark wearing a great Khaki Trench from Revolver.

Dan's partner Natasha has a wonderful little blog with life adventures, design, travel and more @ http://myjellyfishheart.blogspot.com. Highly recommended. 

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  • Jun 24, 2010

    Ha! Good stuff, and thanks for the post!

    — jellyfishheart

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