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We are excited to announce that this month's Voyager pop-up is with our friends at Blackbird Apothecary. Just in time for Valentine's Day. 

We caught up with creative director Nicole Miller about the latest news from Blackbird

What are some things that you are looking forward to in San Francisco? Any favorite places that you two are dying to revisit here in the city?

My sister Heather lives here and is the perfect host. Everytime we visit we eat like piglets and try to explore the dark and forgotten corners of the city. Plus, we have many friends and former Blackbird store customers that we're guaranteed to see a familiar face no matter where we go. 

You also recently did a collaboration scent with Zola Jesus. How did that come about and what was it like coming up with a scent with her?

Nika contacted us to create a fragrance that encapsulates her latest album Taiga, which was written on an island here in the Pacific Northwest. She was already a big fan of Blackbird and loved our perfumes. The collaboration was a natural pairing of like minds and spirits and honestly, really fun. Both the perfume and incense ended up full of smoky, incense and exotic woods and have been received so well that we are 100% sold out (as we speak).

What kind of new things are you bringing to the pop-up? Anything you are experimenting on that you were thinking of testing on San Francisco? Feel free to use us like lab rats!

Along with the Zola Jesus perfume and incense we'll have our new robes and slippers available after the opening. They are still in production and we're crossing our fingers for Valentines week. We'll may also have a new scent for you guys to try. We're terrible at planning ahead and great at surprises.

The pop-up is just in time for Valentine's Day. What are your favorite gifts to give from the line that you think are particularly romantic or sexy?

Scent is extremely personal and one of the most sensual gifts you can give. It's most romantic when someone puts extra thought and care into selecting the scent that represents what they are most attracted to about their lover. Our scents cover a fantastic range of personas that you can always find your person in the collection.

Thank you Nicole. The Blackbird pop-up opening party is on the 6th of February from 6-10pm @Voyager Shop


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