Product Profile: PACT Underwear

Change Starts with your underwear! PACT mades friendly, accessible premium organic cotton underwear. 

Jason Kibbey and Jeff Denby sat down with Revolver to discuss their line, goals and vision.

Q: How did PACT get started? And what's the main mission behind the brand?

We started PACT Jason Kibbey and myself (Jeff Denby). We met at the Business School and spent the two years examining every aspect of the apparel industry, and developed a new kind of business model that would combine design, sustainability and activism. 

PACT really came together as more than just a fake underwear empire in the Fall of 2007 when a member of their early design team modeled a prototype at a tradeshow at UC Berkeley. Needless to say, they grabbed some limelight and, serendipitously, the attention of hotshot designer Yves Behar. Yves liked the concept and said he'd take on the project if we could raise the money to turn the idea into an actual company. After many more months of refining the product and the brand, PACT launched in August 2009.

PACT's motto is CHANGE STARTS WITH YOUR UNDERWEAR. The purchase of PACT underwear is participation in a social movement: when you buy PACT underwear, you are supporting and encouraging organic cotton farmers, responsible labor practices, and businesses that form partnerships with nonprofit organizations dedicated to positive change in our world. 

Q: What are some of the best details about each pair of PACT?

Each pair of PACT underwear is made of responsibly grown and manufactured premium organic cotton, demonstrating the company's commitment to style, sustainability and social consciousness. Also - Fit, fit, fit!! We focused a lot of designing the best fitting most comfortable underwear. PACT is your everyday underwear - it's the perfect stretch cotton, familiar styles, and easy care. And of course, each pair of PACT is special - the prints are designed by some of the world's best artists. On the care and content label, printed on the inside of each garment, we remind you about the organization that inspired the design and benefits from the purchase. In the name of full transparency, we even put our factory name right on the label too! Each pair of PACT comes in a little fabric bag.... why? Well, typically all garments are shipped from a factory in individual poly bags - we didn't feel right about shipping thousands of plastic bags around the world... so we eliminated the plastic bags and used the off-cuts and left over fabric to make the little PACT pouches. We turned scrap into packaging and customers get to keep the little pouch to use any way they see fit... some people put their make up in them, cameras, cords, ipods... we've even seen beer coozies. 

Q: We love the colors & patterns! What's the inspiration behind these?

PACT has a unique business model that ties nonprofit giving to product design and marketing. Leading artists design prints inspired by a specific cause. The artists are world-class and PACT’s causes span from ocean conservation to reforestation to youth literacy. 

Q: There's a lot of featured causes on your website -- can you tell us the relationship PACT has with these causes?

PACT works with its nonprofit partners to develop programs for giving that add value to the nonprofit mission while acting as anchors for PACT marketing campaigns. Each PACT partner receives at least 10% of the sale price of products whose design is inspired by that partner. For example, our fig leaf print was inspired by the African reforestation and women's empowerment organization Green Belt Movement and was designed by world-renowned architect David Adjaye, and sales of this particular print support this organization. During Earth Week, PACT gave 100% of the proceeds from sales of the Green Belt Movement print to the organization and funded the planting of 7500 trees in Kenya.

Q: So, there's a "100 mile radius manufacturing process." Can you elaborate a bit more on that and its significance?

Before it is shipped to PACT's fulfillment center in Illinois, every element that goes into making PACT underwear - growing the cotton, processing and spinning it, knitting or weaving, dyeing and printing, and cutting and sewing the final garment - occurs within a 100-mile radius in Turkey. This is truly a regional manufacturing model that vastly reduces the carbon footprint of our supply chain. In fact, by manufacturing with a regional supply chain in Turkey and shipping the product in bulk to the US, our overall environmental impact is smaller than if we tried to manufacture the same product with a geographically fractured supply chain in the US.

PACT is your everyday underwear. It's made with the highest quality soft, organic Turkish cotton, with 5% elastane for a perfect stretch. PACT may be stylish and sexy, but it's designed to be comfortable for everyday living and is the best choice for the sustainably-minded but design-driven consumer.

PACT underwear is available @ Revolver

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