Fieldtrip: Cone Mills San Francisco

Revolver was lucky enough to visit the Cone Mills Showroom in San Francisco where Pierette and Alexandria walked us through the mills fabrics, history, show pieces and magic.  

Cone is a leading provider of denim for top apparel brands around the world.  From Levi's to Tellason to Roy's bespoke pairs, Cone is the source of well crafted organic products. White Oak plant owned by Cone is the oldest working mill in N.Carolina and has produced denim for Levi’s since 1915, and was the exclusive supplier for the 501 since 1922. From sample cloths, vintage pieces, and a beautiful collection called Found showing items from their archive collection - we were humbled by the history and tradition of the company.

More info on Cone 

Tellason Jeans use Cone Denim and are available @ Revolver

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