Holiday Gift Guide No. 2

Just Female Snug Jacket


It might be San Francisco's weather but we here at Revolver have definitely an obsession with outerwear and this Snug Jacket is the maximum exponent of it. 

Perfect lenght and perfect weight this wool blend jacket is sure to be your everyday jacket for all seasons.

Wear it over your favorite leather jacket for the colder winter days or just by itself all during spring and fall! Easy to pack for summer breezy nights!

Perfect for a night out in the city, elegant and timeless over the perfect little black dress, as well as comfy for a walk in the woods over a pair of jeans and a white tee




Reality Studio Victor Shoes


Reality Studio’s take on the slip-on sneaker meets the oxford shoe. Black suede upper with black leather back and elastic band entry.

Featuring the perfect light platform black sole that gives those extra inches without the pain of wearing heels. Urban and cosmopolita this shoes are true magic. 

As comfortable as it gets the soft leather insole makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. And Reality Studio's take on aiming to represent the here and now is completely reflected in this functional shoe.

Perfect for work, with a pair of trousers and a a silk blouse they take you all the way to the night with just adding a tunic dress and your favorite jewelry.


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