Camp Service makes beautiful clothes for a casual outdoors lifestyle.

Perfect pieces for a walk along the coast, a short hike in the woods, or an overnight in the mountains.

Utility, design, and wearability find a perfect balance in this seasons Padded Parka. Cropped shorter right at the waist, to give you a better range of motion, which proves to be especially nice for riding a bike without having a jacket bunched up under your bum. 


Perfectly placed darts on the sleeve, again help making this parka feel a bit less bulky, while also also adding some nice style. Sleeve pocket with a little flap for stashing your small adventure supplies, and two generous pockets on the front keep your hands toasty. 


For west coasters facing a mild winter this is our favorite option for outerwear this season. As long as you aren’t facing a blizzard, we highly recommend this jacket as your everyday go to piece to keep you cozy. Those of you facing a harsher winter check out the Samsoe Samsoe Beaufort Jacket with wearable and removable puffy lining.

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