Furoshiki is a cloth used to wrap a package. Originally used in Japan to wrap your clothes into a bundle after disrobing to visit the onsen, it has taken on many more forms and uses today. 



There are many things you can wrap with a furoshiki. Books, small packages, clothing and bottled beverages lend themselves nicely to furoshiki wrapping. Furoshiki is beautiful, utilitarian, simple, and environmentally conscience.

In Japanese culture the wrapping that a gift comes in can be as important and precious as the gift itself. Try to take care with a beautiful package, and a wrap that will communicate something to the receiver of the gift. A sloppily wrapped gift can show that you are hurried and not putting all of your thought into a gift. Whereas a beautiful and thoughtful wrapping can convey just how important the receiver of the gift is to you. You put time and effort into presenting an aesthetically pleasing gift to someone special. Even if the gift itself is not of a high monetary value, the care you put into the the presentation can add a more personal and meaningful expression of your feelings.


This holiday season take the extra time to wrap your gifts beautifully. You will surely see how it makes the person you are presenting it to feel so special, and if you use furoshiki, the wrap will not end in the trash, but instead can be re-purposed and less wasteful, which is a very important thought to have on your mind during this often excessive time of year. 



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