Something that's been playing on heavy rotation for us is Jacob Long's new solo project Earthen Sea. With membership in both San Francisco's beloved dance punk Mi Ami and the legendary Black Eyes, Long has moved into more meditative states of being, creating lush, ambient techno that truly captures the Bay Area's grey ocean side.

Jacob's basslines live in both Mi Ami and Black Eyes are by far the closest thing to Peter Hook in his Joy Division/early New Order era. Heavy, masculine and swaggering body music thrashing your insides.

His Earthen Sea solo project is just the opposite. A quiet plunge deep into the ocean with a sonar pulse navigating the body into deeper, uncharted spaces. The rhythmic lull still captures his experimentations in body music, but instead of an explosion of rhythm, it is contemplative, mature, weightless in the water.

Earthen Sea recently released his Mirage EP out on Lovers Rock, a new label from his long time friend and Black Eyes/Mi Ami compadre Daniel Martin McCormick. Check out clips of Earthen Sea here.



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