Something that has been on my mind is the experiences we have in transit. The need to escape, to experience something fresh. Or the waiting. Simply waiting between transit. Like when I was waiting for the M train at Marcy station. I noticed how different it sounds from our own M-line in SF. There was a whirlwind of ambient sounds and voices. Like real time, live musique concrète. That moment stuck with me for a long time. We are all living in a small part of a much larger picture. It's in these moments of transition that reminds you about what it is to be a human being.

We draw a large amount of our inspiration from travel and migration. It's truly about experiencing something totally outside of your scope that keeps us feeling alive. It's even one of our mottos~keep exploring.

Our friend Johnathan Hirsch who is just as obsessed with travel as we are, so much that he has started a new project called ARRVLS. It's a narrative-driven radio show and podcast based in NYC that features stories of migration, transition and transformation.

 You can listen to the first episode of ARRVLS here and his minute long shorts called En Route, and they are simply magic. Enjoy and keep exploring.

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